How old is Pleasant Hill Cemetery?

Pleasant Hill Cemetery was established in the mid-1700’s.  More detail about the history of the cemetery can be found by following the link “About Pleasant Hill Cemetery” on the left side of the page.

When does Pleasant Hill Cemetery mow and trim the grass?

The lawn is typically mowed as needed during the growing season and trimmed every other mowing.  Families are welcome to trim around their monument or marker if they wish, provided they take care not to disturb the soil.  Soil disruption allows for weed seeds to take root and grow.

What is Perpetual Care?

The cost of your plot includes ongoing (perpetual) care for the cemetery grounds. This involves the continued care of the lawn, grounds, plant material, roadways, and water and drainage systems within the cemetery. (It does not refer to care of your monument or marker. Care of these items is the responsibility of the plot owner.) However, the cemetery will, upon request or when we note a safety concern, raise and level markers at no cost. When in doubt, simply call the office and see if we can help.

What are your Flower guidelines?

Pleasant Hill Cemetery allows planting annuals and perennials one foot in front and one foot on each side of the monument at the grave site.  Cut flowers may also be left at the grave.  Trees, shrubs, vines and vegetables are not allowed.

My daughter had a favorite stuffed animal – can I leave it at her grave?

Artificial flowers or artificial decorations of any kind are not allowed.  Potted plants, glass or pottery containers are strictly prohibited.  All floral decorations will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel when they become unsightly.

Can I place an American Flag at my father’s grave?

The placement of American Flags, Armed Services Flags and Firemen’s flags are permitted on graves of Veterans of the Armed Forces and Firemen.  Flags have traditionally been placed by the Chester American Legion around Memorial Day.  The cemetery staff will remove the flags after Veterans Day.

Can I place a wreath or grave blanket at my parents’ grave?

A wreath or grave blanket may be placed at the grave after December 1st and will be removed after February 1st by the cemetery staff, weather permitting.

Who pulled the buds off my flowers?

Usually, it is the deer, groundhogs or other wildlife. Creatures are abundant at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, and depending upon your opinion, either a blessing or a nuisance.

Can I plant a bush or tree on my husband’s grave?

Planting trees and shrubs is not allowed.  Pleasant Hill Cemetery needs to plan and carefully implement plantings this large throughout the cemetery to keep it attractive to all.

My flowers are missing. What is Pleasant Hill Cemetery going to do about it?

Unfortunately, there is occasional pilferage within the cemetery, usually by animals.  The cemetery is not responsible for lost or stolen flowers or decorations.  The cemetery staff may remove, at our discretion, an item in a breakable container (these are not allowed at any time) or one left lying on the lawn.

When can I place a marker or Monument at my wife’s grave?

After an interment, there is a wait of a minimum of six (6) months for the ground to settle well before pouring a foundation for a monument or marker.  Foundation Orders are accepted between May and September and foundations are poured between May and October.

My husband so loved his dog. Can I bring Spot to visit?

Though we understand the bond between pet owner and pet, like all other cemeteries of which we are aware, all pets except service animals are prohibited on cemetery grounds.  Please leave your pets at home or keep them safely in your car when visiting.

When is Pleasant Hill cemetery open?

Cemetery Grounds are Open 7 Days a Week from dawn to dusk.
Cemetery Office is Open Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to Noon or by appointment.

How can I find where someone is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery?

You may come to the office, call, write, or email the full name and approximate date of death, and our staff will look up the burial location for you.

What is required for a burial at Pleasant Hill Cemetery?

A burial requires: the grave, the interment fee (opening and closing of the grave), the casket (available from the Funeral Director), and a concrete outer burial vault for the casket (available through the Funeral Director).

Are there any additional expenses?

If the family wishes to identify the grave of the deceased with a memorial, the expenses are: the memorial (usually of granite and available from a monument company or through the Funeral Director) and the charge for its foundation, which must be paid in advance of its installation.  A temporary marker is normally provided by the Funeral Home.

How do I purchase a plot at Pleasant Hill Cemetery?

You can contact the Superintendent by calling 908-879-7349 to arrange an appointment.  He will be happy to show you our beautiful property and explain all the details.