Women’s Auxillary

Women’s Auxillary

The Women’s Auxiliary of Pleasant Hill Cemetery was organized in 1954.  The dues are three dollars a year and donations are also accepted.  Our funds are used to beautify the grounds, the chapel and the Smith Memorial Building in memory of our loved ones.

With the members’ continued support the Women’s Auxiliary has purchased many interior decorations for the buildings, equipment for the care of the cemetery and a host of plantings that help to beautify the yard.

The Women’s Auxiliary meets twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.  Meeting dates are posted in the Annual Newsletter that is sent to all plot holders.

The Women’s Auxiliary of Pleasant Hill Cemetery would like to have at least one woman from the family of each plot holder listed among the membership of our organization.  They would also like to see more women come to meetings to share their ideas on how to beautify our cemetery.

If you would like to join the Women’s Auxiliary, just contact the Superintendent